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Coby Aldana

Title: Founder and Educator

Grades K-12


Since the age of 4, I attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa; the birthplace of the Calvary movement. Wanting to change lives for the better, and equipped with a degree in Criminal Justice, I began my career in juvenile probation.  After 8 years, I went back to school to be an educator. With a multiple subject teaching credential and Masters degree in education, I taught at Calvary Chapel Schools for 13 years. It was there that I understood how God could truly use teachers for academic, emotional, physical, emotional and Spiritual growth. After a few years in the Arizona public school system, I am fervent about starting a movement in our area to help raise Godly citizens and lifelong learners. 


In 2003 I started a daycare, Mommy’s Care. I had 6-9 children in my care and created programs with educational activities and structure. In 2005 I was called to homeschool our 2 young daughters. I spent a year researching curriculum and legal parameters. It was during this time I met the creator/author of the My Father's World curriculum, David Hazel.  I joined homeschool groups and was active in the community. I am passionate about the parents’ primary role in the education of their children and the responsibility of the community to help train the next generation in the knowledge of God’s word and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Stacie Bakos

Title: Educator

Grades K-2


Tammy Gann.jpg

My passion is art, calligraphy and photography. So what better way to teach these beautiful children in our school what I so enjoy? Besides teaching these two subjects, I also educate them in the art of etiquettes and manners. Due to computer games and social media, children don't interact with each other and grown ups anymore. Teaching them manners and etiquettes will help them tremendously while growing up. 

I was blessed with two wonderful children. Now I have many more kids who I truly love!

Tammy Gann

Title: Educator - Art

Grades K2-12



Ms Shaunna ~ Shaunna is a mother, grandmother and lover of God’s kids. She homeschooled her own successful children and then went on to own and operate several small businesses before coming to serve as a teacher at RLC. She currently teaches the Discover Pod (grades 1-3). She is passionate about bringing FUN into the classroom. She creates ways for children to learn using their 5 senses and lots of group work.


Title: Educator

Grades K2-12



7430 N Cotton Lane Waddell, AZ 85355

A Ministry of Refresh Calvary Church

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