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Tuition for Refresh Learning Center

2024 - 2025 


How To Pay

Making a payment is easy!

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program

What it is?

  • Expands educational opportunities for eligible students outside of the public school system

  • Provides public funding that can be used for a wide variety of educational expenses

  • Pays for private school tuition, educational therapies, tutoring, and more

  • It pays quarterly

What do you need to qualify?

  • Your student can not be enrolled in a public school

  • You and your student are Arizona residents

  • Complete an application 

What it isn’t?

  • Money out of your pocket

  • Taxable income

  • (doesn’t) need to be paid back

An ESA consists of 90% of the state funding that would have otherwise been allocated to the school district or charter school for the qualified student (does not include federal or local funding). By accepting an ESA, the student's parent or guardian is signing a contract agreeing to provide an education that includes at least the following subjects: reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science.  ESA funding can be used to pay private school tuition, curriculum, home education, tutoring, and more.

 *Parents can apply for participation in the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account program by establishing an ADEConnect account at  After applications are processed, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) will send participating parents an ESA contract.

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